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OPENING : FROM 05/12/20 TO 13/12/20

At an altitude of 1050 meters, Villard de Lans, the capital of the Vercors, offers a vaste domaine of adventure and activities for everyone, athletes or onlookers. Climatic tourism has permetted Villard to develop reknown hotel facilities and cultural institutions since its birth in the 1930 s. At the same time it has conserved its authenticity as an ancient village, alive and animated all your long. Plus, Villard is gifted with a leisure center, which includes a ' wave ' pool, giant slide, skating rink and workent center, which make it an ideal place to relax and regenerate. Near Villard de Lans, Corrençon in Vercors is "The pretty village with a fabulous countryside". Nestled in the extreme south the vast plateau, in the centre of a clearing surrounded by forests, Corrençon gathers its village under the majestic summits of the Petite and Grande Moucherolle (2,255M). You know you have arrived because the road stops at Corrençon to give way, further south, to the immense protected spaces of the largest Natural Reserve in France - "Les Hauts plateaux du Vercos (The Vercos Highlands)". Known for its gourmet restaurants and its quality accommodation, Corrençon is the ideal destination to experience real mountain life in comfortable surroundings. A return to a peaceful and friendly but never boring life: such is the promise of this small village "at the edge of the world". From the time the snow melts until November, Corrençon offers golfing enthusiasts the wide open spaces and the beauty of an 18-hole course ranked among the most beautiful Mountain golf courses in mountainous Europe. In Corrençon, time seems to be suspended for its 375 habitants to allow others to appreciate their quality of life. The solidarity of the mountain people, simple flavours, the families of Corrençon open their doors and share a thousand one delights and traditions with visitors, whatever the season.

Ski resort Villard de Lans - Corrençon en Vercors :

Domain :
Low altitude : 1050m
High altitude : 2284m
Km of slopes :
Green slopes :
Blue slopes :
Red slopes :
Black slopes :

Practical information :

Tourist office(s) :

Track map : See the map

Accessibility :

GPS coordinates: 45°04'21'N                                 5°33'08'E                                 1,028 m 
Some distances...
> Grenoble - Villard de Lans/Corrençon: 32km - 30 min> Villard de Lans- Corrençon: 5km > Lyon-Villard de Lans/Corrençon: 130km - 1 hour 45 minFrom the north of France (from Paris):
> Paris-Villard de Lans: 584 km - 6 hours 30 min.> Paris-Lyon (A6) then Lyon-Grenoble (A43, A48)

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Discover the resort Villard de Lans - Corrençon en Vercors

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